Trajano de Moraes is the first municipality visited by the School Food Project Healthy RJ



Trajano de Moraes is a typical town in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with its main square – Nile Nilo Peçanha – which serves as a meeting place for its residents and visitors. Its centennial farms have the imperial period, mostly well-preserved architecture and objects season places worth a visit. Trajan has great potential as trails for nature walks and ideal places for mountain biking, horseback riding and paragliding, this being the second best place to jump the State of Rio de Janeiro. It also has beautiful waterfalls and lush landscape of Tapera Dam.

The city has an average elevation of 655 meters. During the The temperature ranges between 10 and 22 degrees centigrade. Its climate is considered the 8th best climate in Brazil.

The Food Coordinator at Sebrae RJ, Mariangela Rossetto had requested the regional managers partnership and support in spreading the School Feeding Project Healthy / RJ. Fernanda Gripp, Region Coordinator Serrana I was the first to join the project and indicated a visit to Moraes of Trajan Trajano de Moraes municipality.

November 17, the director of the Organic Planet Planeta Orgânico, Maria Beatriz Martins Costa, was Trajan talk with the Secretary of Education, Culture, Sport and Leisure ofMoraes of Trajan Trajano de Moraes, Rosseline Almeida de Carvalho, accompanied by Necisia Aguiar, representing the Sebrae RJ / Freiburg Friburgo

Secretary Rosseline spoke about the educational and cultural activities of Trajan de Moraes Trajano de Moraes and presented the experimental project “Rio Macabu in action: history, knowledge and life”, with which Maria Beatriz was excited.

This project involved participatory monitoring water quality of Rio’s water bodies with methodological support based on heritage education processes, and was conducted by the Department of Agriculture RJ / Rio Rural Program, with support from Emater-RIO and RIO-Pesagro.

“This is an exemplary project that deserves to be disseminated and replicated, and we would present it in Green Rio Green River event in May 2015,” said Maria Beatriz, emphasizing that this project demonstrates the commitment of Trajano with environmental education and, therefore sensitivity to promote healthy eating in the city.

It was agreed that the Secretary Rosseline will contact Sebrae / Freiburg Friburgo to meeting scheduling with the nutritionist responsible for school meals in the city, watching the School Feeding Project Healthy RJ.