Results of two years of the project Healthy School Food Rio de Janeiro


School food service staff trained



The project Healthy School Food RJ is an initiative of Planeta Organico, SEBRAE and FIRJAN / Food Technology Centre and SENAI Beverages.

The food in schools has become a major theme in Brazilian society. The increase in obesity and the proof that eating habits during childhood impacting the health of a person throughout his life, led to changes in public policy and in the supply chain of food for snacks and canteens. In this way, the school is an essential environment for quality products and sustainable criteria are included in the meals. There are actions underway in Brazil in various ways, from community gardens to national impact programs. However, they need to have greater visibility, making them known through the mass media and the currently existing digital resources. This will allow to be replicated and improved.

In a meeting with the Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Education of Itaperuna city and Sebrae, Planeta Orgânico presented the project Healthy School Food.

Trajano de Moraes is a typical town in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with its main square – Nile Nilo Peçanha – which serves as a meeting place for its residents and visitors. Its centennial farms have the imperial period, mostly well-preserved architecture and objects season places worth a visit. Trajan has great potential as trails for nature walks and ideal places for mountain biking, horseback riding and paragliding, this being the second best place to jump the State of Rio de Janeiro. It also has beautiful waterfalls and lush landscape of Tapera Dam.