All the mayors of the municipalities participating in the Healthy School Food RJ project attended the Green Rio in 2016 for the delivery of Healthy School Food RJ Award

The project Healthy School Food RJ is an initiative of Planeta Organico, SEBRAE and FIRJAN / Food Technology Centre and SENAI Beverages.

The project aims to contribute to the health of children in schools in the State of Rio de Janeiro by promoting local and regional development and healthy school meals, thus benefiting small businesses involved in the food chain and drinks.

Each municipality, through their local governments and education departments, decided the quantitative of schools that have joined the project.

During the Green Rio event in 2015, the mayors and representatives of the cities of Itaperuna, Paraiba do Sul, Pinheiral, Trajano de Mores and Três Rios joined the project, signed an Accession by meeting the criteria and the use of detailed performance indicators in the project’s Guide.


The results were presented during Green Rio, June 2, 2016, at Marina da Glória in Rio de Janeiro.

All the mayors of the municipalities participating in the Healthy School Food Project attended the Green Rio in 2016 for the delivery of Healthy Food School Award Rio de Janeiro.


They were present:
Mr. Vinicius Medeiros Farah – Mayor of Três Rios
Mr. Márcio de Abreu Oliveira – Mayor of Paraiba do Sul
Mr. Alfredo Paulo Marques Rodrigues Mayor of Itaperuna
Mr. José Oliveira Arimathea Mayor of Pinheiral
Mr. Carlos José Gomes de Souza – Mayor of Trajano de Moraes

Before the ceremony the highlights Healthy School Food Award, Luiz Carlos Barbosa made a presentation on the history of this project, detailing the criteria for indicating the highlights.


Caravans with cooks and secretaries of the municipalities involved attended the event Green Rio to deliver of the Healthy School Food Award. Planeta Orgânico, Gren Rio event organizer, considered this presence an unforgettable moment and a high point of this event.


The project  included 408 food service staff, 91 schools with a total of 30,271 students from kindergarten to first grade.

The total volume of purchases for school meals in these five counties, was estimated at R$ 6,000,000.00 during 2015. Purchases from local suppliers represented 56.9% in the first half and went to 76.8 % by the end of the second half of 2015. There was an increase of R$ 1,164,480.00 in purchases from local suppliers, ie 34.9% more compared to the first half, contributing decisively to the local and regional development.

There was a sharp change in consumption pattern in school meals in these five municipalities, toward a healthier school meal. There was a reduction of 11 496 kg of fat, salt, sugar and processed products / ultraprocessed ​​(excess products that affect health) exchanged by an increase of 18,236 kg of fruits, vegetables and fresh products (healthier).