Meet the Project


logoAlimentEscolarThe food in schools has become a major theme in Brazilian society. The increase in obesity and the proof that eating habits during childhood impacting the health of a person throughout his life, led to changes in public policy and in the supply chain of food for snacks and canteens. In this way, the school is an essential environment for quality products and sustainable criteria are included in the meals. There are actions underway in Brazil in various ways, from community gardens to national impact programs. However, they need to have greater visibility, making them known through the mass media and the currently existing digital resources. This will allow to be replicated and improved.

One objective of this proposal is the integration of these actions through a program in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which is the region to be served. The lack of criteria for healthy school meals needs to be worked in the Brazilian perspective, creating indicators that support this analysis. Such actions will also promote the local development of municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, by linking producers and local governments to purchase healthy and sustainable products. Mobilize different stakeholders of both the food chain as by public procurement, strengthens the need for an integrated project and a state level. Agriculture family, small and medium enterprises are of special importance and will be the focus of the project Healthy School Food.

As part of a visibility plan, municipalities that best meet these indicators and successfully in their public procurement policies should have a recognition by society. The Green Rio River has established itself as one of the main events in the area of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Created during the Rio + 20, the event will have its fourth edition in May 2015, the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro and will serve as the culmination of this project. At the time, will be delivered the School Healthy Food Prize.